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Diminished Value is the difference in value of a vehicle after an accident compared to what it was worth before the accident. Even if your car was repaired flawlessly, it’s vehicle report (Carfax) will still show the accident. This means the car is worth less. Often, we can help you get paid for this loss in value.

  • Filing a diminished value claim will not affect your insurance rates.

    Will filing a diminished value claim affect my insurance and will my rates increase?

  • There is no cost for us to file a diminished value claim. You only pay if we recover money for you.

    Are there-really no fees to fie a diminished value Claim?

  • You can, however, it will be very difficult for you to recover a significant amount. Our experience in the industry allows us to negotiate with the insurance companies, call their bluffs end get you the money you deserve for you loss.

    Why can't I file my diminished value claim by myself?

Loss Value Recovery Specialists

Every year, millions of dollars are left on the table by car accident victims, simply because the victims don’t know they are entitled to them! Loss Value Recovery Specialists is here to change that. The vision of a former insurance adjuster, we are here to hold the insurance companies accountable and to get you paid for your diminished value. Curious how much the insurance company may owe you? Let us evaluate your claim for free!

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